Types And Specifications Of Forged Raw Materials
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The types and specifications of raw materials for forging are different depending on the equipment. such as hydraulic press forging with the raw materials to large ingots (≥4t), 3t or more from the forging hammer to the main steel ingots (1-3t), with large billets or rolled materials (such as 250mm above the square, round bar), 1t below the die-forging and forging a hammer are all hot-rolled side, Round steel is the main raw material, and the different raw materials and their specifications are described separately.

1, Ingot Steel

Ingot is the molten steel in a certain temperature poured into the ingot touch solidification surface. The shape of the ingot is square, octagonal, round, flat square and multi angle. At present, the ingot used in forging is usually made of octagonal or multi angle ingot. Ingot is divided into cold ingot and hot ingot (ingot after stripping and heating before the surface temperature of more than 650 ℃). In order to save energy and working hours in large forging equipment, hot ingot is often used to heat the furnace and forge after heating.

The commonly used ingot specification is 0.5?130t.

2. Billet and rolled material

Forging billet has forged blanks and rolled materials, forged billet and round billet, rolled Buffang and round bars. Forged billet is made of steel ingot through forging, and the rolled material is rolled.

The commonly used steel is bad and the rolling material specification is φ20-φ400mm.