What Are The Safety Precautions In The Installation Of Water Diversion Pipes?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

(1) Ground anchors, main blocks, anchor rings, wire ropes, etc. used for transporting and hoisting steel pipes shall be subject to calculation and verification, and shall have sufficient safety factor, and the necessary load tests shall be carried out before formal use;

(2) When steel pipes are transported, irrelevant personnel shall not be close to the ropes and pulleys under force;

(3) If steel pipes are installed in vertical wells or in tunnels, if there are signs of collapse of rocks in caves, workers should leave the danger zone and recover the construction after taking safety precautions;

(4) When the steel pipe is lifted to the seam, it is forbidden to put the head, hands and feet into or on the nozzle to prevent rolling and crushing;

(5) The pedals, baffles, support frames, handrails, etc., temporarily welded on the steel pipe must be carefully checked after welding, and they can be used after confirming the firmness;

(6) When welding in a steel pipe, it should be guarded. The temperature in the pipe must not exceed 40°C. Otherwise, the rotation operation should be carried out or other measures for preventing heatstroke should be taken.