What Control Performance Characteristics Of Blind Plate Flange Connection?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The Flange blind plate connection method is also the simplest connection method with the cast iron pipe and the steel pipe. The flange blind plate can be used for the opening of the inspection mouth. In addition, the flange blind plate connection applies to the pipe diameter from the φ50-315mm pipe connection.

Its performance characteristics:

Non-rigid connection, detachable, tensile resistance. Flange Blind plate connection method is usually used as a detachable connector on the low pressure conveying line. Generally used in pipelines, in that case, loose bolts can rotate both sides of the pipe, and then tighten the more convenient disassembly pipe material is carbon steel flange is called carbon steel flange, flange blind plate is two large diameter pipe connection device, usually two flange piece plus a number of fastening bolts. Carbon steel flanges are made of carbon steels. Low carbon steel plastic good strength, the addition of the right amount will become hard, plastic reduced strength.

Flange connection may need to withstand very high tensile, compressive, torsional, shear strength, flange blind plate is a better choice. Socket FLANGE Blind plate connection method is applicable to pipe diameter from φ32-315mm pipe connection. Its performance characteristics: non-rigid connection, detachable, tensile strength. To install the socket type extension shortening pipe connector, the Anchorage pipe card must be used for fixing to prevent the movement of the position of the intubation in the thermal expansion and contraction. At least one socket extension shortening tube must be installed on the vertical pipe between floor and floor, long-distance collection pipe net and buried pipeline. This is because the socket flange blind plate can not only eliminate the temperature caused by the drainage process of thermal expansion and contraction, but also conducive to the various floor support pipe connection, making the pipeline installation is simpler.

Flange blind Plate is the flange that can be active, generally supporting in the water supply and drainage accessories (telescopic festival, the most common), factory factory telescopic joints at both ends of each have a piece of flange, directly with the project pipeline, equipment with bolted connection, is the kind of flange with live sets. Flange Blind Plate connection method in the connection in accordance with the form and standard of the actual control, can show good performance advantages and values, fully demonstrated good performance.