What Is The Oil Cracking Pipe?
- Apr 22, 2018 -

What is the oil cracking pipe:

  Petroleum cracking pipe is suitable for the furnace tube, heat exchanger and pipe seamless steel tube.

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  gb/t9948-2006-China National Standard Petroleum cracking pipe

  Manufacturing process of petroleum cracking pipe: Hot rolling, drawing, heat expansion


  Seamless tubes for furnace tubes, heat exchanger tubes and pipes for petroleum and refinery use.

  Main Production tube Brand:

  10, 20, 15CrMo, 1cr2mo, 1CR5MO, etc.

  Delivery Status:

  10, <热轧管终轧,冷拔管正火>

  15CrMo <热轧管终轧+回火,冷拔管正火+回火>

  1cr2mo<热轧管终轧+回火,冷拔管正火+回火> 1cr5mo <退火>

  Weight calculation formula: Carbon tube: (outside diameter-wall thickness) x wall thickness x0.02466=kg/m Alloy tube: (Outside diameter-wall thickness) x wall thickness x0.02486=kg/m</退火> </热轧管终轧+回火,冷拔管正火+回火> </热轧管终轧+回火,冷拔管正火+回火> </热轧管终轧,冷拔管正火>