Why Did The Forgings Temper In The Heat Treatment?
- May 13, 2018 -

1. Reduce brittleness, eliminate or reduce internal stress, forgings after quenching there is a lot of internal stress and brittleness, if not timely tempering will often make the forging deformation or even cracking.

2. Obtain the mechanical properties required for forgings. Forgings have high hardness and high brittleness after being quenched. In order to meet the requirements of different performances of various forgings, the hardness can be adjusted by appropriate tempering and the brittleness can be reduced to obtain the required Toughness, plasticity.

3. Stable forging size

4. For some alloy steels that are difficult to soften after annealing, high temperature tempering is often used after quenching (or normalizing) to properly aggregate the carbides in the steel and reduce the hardness to facilitate cutting.